About Us

AIM for EXCELLENCE beyond bargain on QUALITY and INTEGRITY 


To Teach Computer Technology So that in can be widely use to serve and connect people in the present world


To be the Leading Computer Technology Educator and Provider in the Province, and be a world wide Competitor

Our story

Version I –  Dream of a Dreamer

It Begins on a small Laundry Area Renting Out a Single Play Station PS1 Console while studying every weekends for a diploma in computer technician. After i Graduated i started with a pair of Computer after 3 months it became 12, and within 3 years 2 dozen more. Then the venture into Desktop Publishing creating calling cards and invitations, tarpaulin for birthday, weddings and various event. with the new technology on digital photo and video ventana multimedia was created. then the hunger to share my knowledge kick in like with my previous endeavours it begun with a small group of people eager to learn and the rest was history

The New Chapter 

The main focus is on Computer Technology building from the ground up. 

Computer Systems Servicing NCII of TESDA is an appropriate stepping stone on an IT Journey the experience on various parts of it industry is present


with the short programs of DICT a learner can find a niche and find tuned it to be its lasting skill that will capacitate him/her into the IT battlefield